Data is the common thread uniting digital businesses and enabling growth. Sharing it in a responsible and concerted manner can have great benefits for the European economy and society at large. Thanks to innovation in data analytics, cloud computing and AI, the value drawn from data is increasing both businesses’ and consumers’ access to economic and social opportunities.

Europe has undeniable potential to create a strong Digital Single Market that is a key player in the global landscape founded on a unified data economy. It is therefore essential to have a clear long-term vision and clarity in future regulatory initiatives, as well as the strong enforcement of existing rules to unlock this potential.

DOT Europe members are committed to harnessing the possibilities offered by open data where possible, while guaranteeing common rules to protect users and consumers. As a leading voice of digital, online and tech, DOT Europe provides policy-makers with relevant policy options and recommendations on data issues, always driven by its members’ commitment to GDPR – and in particular data subjects’ consent – as a key basis for the processing of personal data. Below you can find our latest publications related to data.