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DOT Europe reacts to draft Data Act, questioning provisions on cloud and data

23 February 2022, Brussels, Belgium – DOT Europe acknowledges the launch of the Data Act as the latest addition to the EU regulatory framework for digital services.  The Data Act has the potential to complement existing legislation, providing more legal certainty. However, DOT Europe cautions against this horizontal legislation being used as an exclusionist mechanism towards certain service providers as this could having a chilling effect on innovation.

“A framework for data sharing could have potential to improve the regulatory space regarding non-personal data sharing especially in areas such as the B2G space, as this would guarantee certainty and help SMEs navigate data contracts. That said, some of the proposals on cloud interoperability risk adversely impacting innovation in the cloud economy. There is already substantial work being done by industry to facilitate cloud switching, for example the SWIPO codes of conduct. We hope that the proposal will foster innovation, build on existing success in data sharing and offer opportunities to all service providers in the EU” said Siada El Ramly, DOT Europe Director General.

DOT Europe will now take the time to fully look into the text of the proposed Data Act and hopes to be able to be a collaborative partner in the debate on the file.


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