In April 2020, the European Commission proposed a Regulation laying down harmonised rules on Artificial Intelligence, the first of many planned steps to “turn Europe into a global hub for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence”.

DOT Europe supports the Commission’s goals of promoting investment and innovation in trustworthy AI. AI-powered analysis offers the European Union a range of economic and societal opportunities, and this thinking should be at the centre of the EU digital agenda. DOT Europe’s members are fully committed to maximising the benefits of AI for Europe, while addressing its potential risks. From transport, to health or content moderation, AI will have a transformative impact on our societies, making it important to foster an ecosystem of trust.

Below you can find DOT Europe’s latest positions and contributions on AI. DOT Europe will work together with the European institutions and relevant stakeholders to set-up a future proof framework for innovation which will allow the EU to compete while promoting EU values, trust and excellence at a global level.

On 8 Novemember, 2022, DOT Europe launched an online campaign targeting EU policy makers to show real life examples of positive AI applications  and asking legislators to find the right balance between implementing appropriate safeguards and enabling AI development and innovation. These are the video’s from our #AIstrikingthebalance campaign.