Consumers not only demand innovation, they determine it. However, along with the countless benefits that arise from technological innovation come several challenges. Over the years, Europe has developed one of the most robust consumer protection frameworks to be seen on a global level, and continues to lead with new initiatives to address these emerging challenges .

In November 2020, the Commission launched its New Consumer Agenda, with the aim of better protecting and empowering consumers. DOT Europe and its members are committed to maintaining a safe and consumer-friendly online environment, but are also eager to offer new innovative services. In this regard, we believe that new legislation should always be evidence-based and proportionate – taking into account the existing EU consumer protection framework, identifying gaps that need to be addressed, and keeping the impact on the future of innovation in mind.

DOT Europe is committed to contributing to EU discussions on this important topic to find even more effective mechanisms to address concerns in the future. Below you can find DOT Europe’s extensive contributions to the EU debate on consumer protection to date.