Our members take their responsibility to tackle illegal content very seriously. In the last few years, platforms have stepped up their game. Some have expanded their content moderation policies by combining increasingly accurate algorithms with the efforts of thousands of human moderators. Others have cracked down on illicit activity on their marketplaces, or boosted their terms of service to allow them to ban malicious actors more easily. But as new challenges arise, there is more to be done. In a landmark position paper agreed and published in January 2020, DOT Europe called on the European Commission to introduce an Online Responsibility Framework to help internet companies in their efforts to do more to tackle illegal activity and content online. Our vision is for an Online Responsibility Framework that would support the desire of the European Commission to create a “modern legal framework to ensure the safety of users online and to allow innovative digital businesses to grow.”

The below section includes our Online Responsibility Framework and subsequent positioning we are developing in consultation with our members.