In May 2022, the European Commission published the Child Rights package, which includes the Proposal for a Regulation laying down rules to prevent and combat Child Sexual Abuse (CSAM) and the Better Internet for Kids Strategy (BIK+). DOT Europe and its members welcome the ambition of this package and call for a strong framework enabling stakeholders to effectively prevent, detect and report Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) online.

It is important that the CSA proposal complements existing instruments and legislation already in place to bolster efforts to tackle CSA. This should be done by taking into account global initiatives to address CSA but also consider how the proposal will coexist with EU legislation in place, such as the ePrivacy Directive and Digital Services Act.

Below you will find DOT Europe’s latest publications in relation to child safety online, either pertaining to our work on the CSA Regulation or the BIK+ Strategy. As a leading voice of digital, online and tech, DOT Europe is eager to engage with policy makers and stakeholders on these important initiatives.