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DOT Europe response to launch consultation on Network Usage Fees: All options are on the table

23 February, Brussels, Belgium – European Commissioner, Thierry Breton just unveiled the consultation on The future of the electronic communications sector and its infrastructure. DOT Europe welcomes the open approach adopted by the European Commission, emphasizing the importance to hear all stakeholders in the current debate.

We are happy to see there are no pre-drawn conclusions on a potential gap in the connectivity market.” says Siada El Ramly, Director General of DOT Europe. “ It is good that the Commission would like to look into the viability of the current infrastructure, but we do of course already have a good starting point with the preliminary assessment made by the Body of European Telecom Regulators (BEREC), showing there are no identifiable gaps in network infrastructure investment. We are encouraged the European Commission is taking a similar objective approach.”

DOT Europe is looking forward to contributing to the consultation, together with all other relevant stakeholders including consumer organisations, NGOs and academia.

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