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AI: It’s all about striking the right balance

8 November 2022, Brussels, Belgium – DOT Europe launched an online video campaign to show real life examples of AI applications that are beneficial. We are asking legislators to find the right balance between implementing appropriate safeguards and enabling AI development and innovation.

There are numerous AI systems that have an enormous positive impact on our society. These applications range from carrying out menial tasks in a fraction of the time it would take a human, to processing large amounts of images, text, videos and other kinds of data to provide analysis and predictions. The output of these systems is often in the form of suggestions, which can inform decisions in human diagnostics, conservation and other fields. To consider these AI applications high-risk or bringing them within the scope of the AI Act, as is proposed by some co-legislators, would be disproportionate.

“A risk-based approach would take account of the multitude of AI applications that do not present threats to consumer protection or fundamental rights. Designating all AI systems as high-risk or including more areas within the scope would increase the cost of development, thereby discouraging innovation and hampering technological process”, said Siada El Ramly, Director General of DOT Europe. “We’ve created this campaign to make sure the EU’s AI legislation is balanced, innovation-friendly and takes Europe forward.

The AI Act should aim at establishing risk-levels and requirements for AI which ensure that European consumers can continue to rely on “everyday” AI applications and benefit from future innovation.

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