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DOT Europe publishes position paper on the Artificial Intelligence Act

Brussels, 14 September 2021 – DOT Europe, the voice of digital, online and tech companies in
the EU, expresses its support for the Commission’s risk-based approach, while cautioning
against vaguely defined categories for AI and high-risk applications.

In its position paper published today DOT Europe calls for an improved definition of AI that
excludes purely statistical or linear programming systems from the definition and limiting the
scope of high-risk AI to dangerous and harmful applications. It also recommends modifying
impractical requirements for training data, clarifying the balance of responsibilities along the
supply chain and streamlining the enforcement mechanism.

Siada El Ramly, Director General of DOT Europe, said: “The AI Act could provide a cornerstone
for regulation of AI in the EU, thereby strengthening innovation and investment in the AI
sector. However, it is important that complex enforcement mechanisms and vaguely defined
categories do not undermine the proposal’s objectives.”

DOT Europe will closely follow deliberations on the AI Act in the Council and the European
Parliament, calling on co-legislators to focus the regulation on harmful applications of AI and
avoid hasty categorization.


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Notes to the editor:
o DOT Europe (previously called EDiMA) is the voice of the leading internet companies in
Europe. DOT Europe’s mission is to develop ideas and support policy initiatives that foster an
innovative, open and safe internet for Europe’s citizens and businesses. More information is
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o DOT Europe represents 21 of the leading internet companies: Airbnb, Allegro, Amazon,
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o Its members produce and manage a variety of products, services and applications
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