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DOT Europe publishes a position paper on the CSA Regulation

15 December 2022, Brussels, Belgium – DOT Europe recognizes the potential of the European Commission’s Regulation proposal laying down rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse, but there is a clear need for further clarification on definitions and technical feasibility and balance in order for this proposal to truly serve its purpose: safeguarding children.

Following our extensive questions on the detail of the file, we today publish our compilation of 5 issue papers each delving into one particular concerning aspect of the text The papers include industry recommendations, insights on technical feasibility and examples of current industry practices that we hope will be taken into account to strengthen the proposal.

Keeping children safe online is undisputedly of utmost importance to DOT Europe members. Our members are committed to contribute to a regulatory framework that helps to protect children while safeguarding the privacy of users. The proposal falls short in providing a strong, legally sound, technically viable framework to achieve these objectives. ” said Siada El Ramly, Director General of DOT Europe.

Companies need to be able to keep on innovating and proposing new tools to protect children in a way that best fit their services, while still safeguarding their users’ fundamental rights such as freedom of speech and privacy. Innovation and safety do not have to conflict. It’s all about striking a fair balance.

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