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DOT Europe disconcerted by the plenary vote on the Media Freedom Act

3 October 2023, Brussels, Belgium – DOT Europe is disappointed by the results of the vote on the European Parliament’s mandate for the European Media Freedom Act. The position adopted by parliamentarians on Article 17 does not reflect in any way the stance taken during the Digital Services Act debate in January 2022.

As highlighted during the debate, the text voted upon is not finalised. Despite the inclusion of welcome safeguards in the CULT committee report, concerning amendments have unfortunately been adopted in Article 17, such as the obligation for very large online platforms to carry potentially infringing content for 24 hours on their service.

“This vote is a stark departure from previous positions adopted by the European Parliament and will make it more difficult for online platforms to effectively moderate harmful content, including disinformation.” said Siada El Ramly, Director General of DOT Europe.

DOT Europe hopes discussions with the Council rectify these concerning developments in the text, ultimately resulting in a stronger alignment with the existing legislative framework.


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