Digital is the engine driving Europe’s booming creative sector. Creative industries in Europe are growing and generating more and more revenue for creators, more opportunities for consumers and more diversity. The Audiovisual Media Services Directive has underpinned this growth and continues to be a solid basis for existing and new companies to provide audiovisual content both across the EU and globally.

With the proposal for a revised AVMS Directive, DOT Europe was encouraged to see that some of the underlying and crucial principles of the original AVMS Directive were kept in place – including the Country of Origin principle. DOT Europe is now engaging with both the European Parliament and Council to ensure that this principle is safeguarded, and to advocate for the necessity of coherence between the AVMSD and the safe harbour of the e-Commerce Directive as discussions continue to develop. Audio-visual services being able to move freely across the EU and the number of new market entrants are some of the most visible signs of a successful approach to a Single Market; DOT Europe believes this approach should be supported as a good example of how to increase the access to different types of content in the Digital Single Market.